62% of people in Japan do not want to get vaccinated in a hurry

Japan is going to start vaccination against coronavirus on Wednesday, the least developed country to do so. The Japanese government on Sunday approved the US-made • Pfizer vaccine. After 48 hours, the first batch of vaccines reached Japan. The first 37 lakh health care workers and other front-line workers will get vaccinated.

However, the journey of vaccination in Japan is very difficult. According to the Aashi Newspaper Survey, 62% of the population in Japan are in the condition of weight and watch before vaccination. In the Kyodo News survey, there are doubts about vaccines in Japan. Only 63.1% of the people in the survey expressed an early desire to get vaccinated. At the same time, 27.4% of people said that they do not want to get vaccinated. Women 40-60 years old are not keen on getting vaccinated at all. People believe that the vaccine has been launched in a hurry to deal with the corona. Therefore adequate tests have not been conducted to ensure that they are safe and have no side effects

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