America and Britain hope for relief from corona infection

After the introduction of a vaccine to 100 million people in the US and a stringent lockdown in the UK, both countries now hope for relief in the coming days. Here the neighboring country Pakistan is moaning from the corona epidemic. Here young children are also falling prey to infection. 100 million people have been vaccinated in the US so far.

The work of applying the vaccine to other people is also going on fast. Meanwhile, there is a relief news that for the first time in the time since the end of October, fewer new patients have arrived. America is now planning to win the fight against Corona. Experts say that the worst days are about to pass. 34 percent vaccine has been installed.

43 percent has received a dose of vaccine. Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Robb said on Sunday that we are on the last rung of the Corona epidemic.┬áThere is a need to be vigilant. The Foreign Minister also defended the stringent lockdown. The UK is now expected to relax the lockdown from 17 May.

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