Apple Watch 6 release date, price, news, and Updates

Apple Watch 6 release date, price, news, and Updates

The popular luxury phone giant Apple is all set to release its new Apple watch. As per reports, Apple Watch 6 is likely to be released in late 2020 alongside iPhone 12. Speculations are that the new Smartwatch would have an upgraded software. Apple had unveiled the watchOS 7 at WWDC 2020.

Apple Watch 6: Release date

If the speculations are to be believed, then the Apple Watch 6 will likely be released during the fall of 2020. The Apple Watch 

would be laced with watch0S 7 software and would be a next-generation smartwatch. According to the mobile giant Apple’s past trends, the watch’s launch is usually announced during September. Apple would likely keep in line with the trend in 2020, and the Apple Smartwatch 6 would be debuting alongside the iPhone 12. If the rumors are to be believed, one might see the Apple Watch 6 in the market by September 8 or 15. Though that would be when you would be able to, it as for getting your hands on it, you have to wait for roughly 10 more days from the announcement to the on-sale date. However, due to the current pandemic situation, the release is likely to be postponed. Although Apple has generated no official statement regarding the launch of the watch.

Apple Watch 6: Updates

The production of the Apple Watch has been delayed with the pushed back release due to the COVID situation. Although the hardware of the new apple watch has been kept under the wraps, the software’s ideas have been doing rounds on the internet. The new Apple Watch would have cellular support, ECG tracking, an inbuilt compass, and an always-on display. The rumors are that Apple Watch 6 would be a significant leap in Apple’s wearables.

Apple Watch 6: Price

Some sources have cited that Apple Watch 6 is likely to be worth a sum of $399 and Australian $649. The increased pricing is due to the additional specifications which are like to make Apple watch the Smartwatch of the year. However, no official statement has been released from Apple regarding the pricing of the new Smartwatch.

Apple Watch 6: News

As per the Apple leaks, the new Watch 6 would include the possibility that it could switch to a new screen type. The Apple Watch 5 made use of an OLED screen, but reports have cited that Apple Watch 6 might use a microLED. The major advantage f the microLED would be that it will be more power-efficient, thus implying to longer battery life. Another possible change to the screen will be the addition of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The other Apple watches lack the biometric security, but building a scanner into the screen would be an easy way of making it more secure.

It seems like the fans of Apple have to wait a bit longer for the release Apple watch 6.

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