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Beware of thugs in the name of Corona vaccine

Hello, I am Speaking from a company which works closely with the state government. We are registering a few people for the coronavirus vaccine. Your name has also been chosen. But for this, you have to tell me some of your details.

Give the fear of the coronavirus in the minds of people, all the thugs are similarly implicating people in their hoax by pretending to register for the coronavirus vaccine. In Madhya Pradesh, about 6 cases have been reported in online fraud against the COVID-19 vaccine. After this, the cyber cell of the state police gave a message to make people aware. Faridabad has also received information about half a dozen cases in which thugs are claiming to register for the Coronavirus vaccine or sell the vaccine.

  • First of all, the thugs call and tell about the danger of coronavirus as the new strain of the virus has come out, it is spreading very fast, it is necessary for the safety of our family that we get the vaccine. In this way, they scare the person in front of how many people are in line for the vaccine and if not registered, their number will come much later. After this, they ask for the necessary information like email id and Aadhaar card in the name of registration. After getting this information, the OTP number goes to the person in front of whom these thugs ask for information. And after giving this OTP number, all the money is withdrawn from the bank account linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • It was recently posted on the government’s Twitter handle for cybercrime awareness. It stated that suspicious links, e-mails, messages, or phone calls may have been fake offers regarding first corona vaccine registration or plasma donor registration or delivery to COVID patients, so be cautious and circumspect. The famous cyber lawyer Pawan Duggal says, ‘This is called vaccine fishing fraud. Since people are scared, the wrong people are taking advantage of it. Now what these people do is ask for their data from scared customers like the Aadhaar number etc. But be careful with them. Do not fall into any greed, nor do you have to give your OTP. ‘ Pawan Dugal said, “Never, the government silently asks for your information.”
  • If you receive a call like this, do not give any information to him, on the contrary, please inform the police about this call. But if you become a victim of fraud, first get your account blocked so that no transaction can be done from it. Pawan Duggal says, ‘If you are a victim of fraud then first complain to the police. If there is no hearing. You can also file a complaint on Cybercrime Apart from this, if this fraud is from an app, then you can complain to Google that such an app is running here. They can block the number by giving it to the police from where the message or phone has come.

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