Attack on Parliament after Trump’s uncontrollable speech, 4 dead

Before the official announcement of Joe Biden winning the presidential election, there was an attempt to shake the foundations of democracy in America. For the first time in its 220-year history, the US Parliament (Capitol Hill) was attacked by a mob.

Thousands of his supporters stormed into the Parliament as they came out of a provocative rally of the lost Trump. In the meantime, proceedings were on to seal Biden’s victory in the joint session of the House. The protesters shouted slogans, vandalizing and looting, declaring trump victorious.

Seeing the situation, an Emergency was imposed in Washington DC and security forces were sent inside the Parliament. Many MPs present in the House hid under their vents to save them. Four Americans were killed in violence and force action. The MPs were taken to a safe place.

After this incident, the business resumed in Parliament late on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning the joint session officially sealed the victory of Biden and Kamala Harris. Finally, Trump also said, although I completely disagree with the election results.

Despite this, on January 20, I will hand over my power as per rule. My first and illustrious tenure as president has come to an end. ‘ It is known that there was a presidential election in America on November 3. Biden and Kamala Harris of the Democratic Party won.

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