Controversy persists in Jordan, Hamza said unacceptable | Will not obey the order

Prince Hamza of Jordan has said that security agencies are threatening him. But he would not obey their unacceptable orders. Hamza is currently under house arrest and has no contact with the rest of the world. He has sent his audiotape from there.

His half-brother Hamza was placed under house arrest on Saturday for challenging the power of King Abdullah in Jardin. Former Crown Prince Hamza had accused Jordan of increasing corruption and disrupting freedom of expression. King Abdullah and his loyalist class have called it a conspiracy to occupy power, which has been thwarted. About one and a half dozen people involved in the conspiracy have been arrested. Prince Hamza’s audio ran on online media on Monday. In this audio Prince Hamza is saying- I do not want tension. But I will also not accept the unacceptable and impractical orders being given to myself. It is being said that do not tweet, do not interact with people. Only meet family members and no one else. I will not obey these things. It is believed from this audio that the dispute between King Abdullah and Prince Hamza is not yet over. According to Jordan’s Foreign Minister Avman Safedi, Hamza is getting support from some foreign elements. But America, Western countries and Saudi Arabia remain with King Abdullah.

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