Director Nitesh Tiwari's upcoming big budget film 'Ramayana' is in trouble
Posted by Suman Sourav
Sep-18-2023 11:09:PM
Category: Bollywood

Director Nitesh Tiwari's ambitious project of making a film on the epic 'Ramayana' seems to have hit a roadblock. The film, which was scheduled to begin shooting by the end of 2023, has faced a setback as the producers, Madhu Matena, Namit Malhotra, and Allu Aravind, have decided not to work together on this project due to mutual differences.
The disagreements between the producers stem from controversies surrounding the film 'Adipurush' and its perceived failure. These differences have led to the dissolution of the team, and as a result, there may be further delays in the production of the 'Ramayana' film.
Nitesh Tiwari had envisioned the 'Ramayana' film as a three-part series, but no official information has been released regarding the casting of the pivotal roles of Ram and Sita. With the production team facing internal conflicts, the future of the project remains uncertain.
The 'Ramayana' is a revered Hindu epic, and any adaptation of it is bound to generate significant interest and anticipation. Fans of the epic and followers of Nitesh Tiwari's work eagerly await updates on the film's progress and hope that the issues surrounding its production can be resolved to bring this grand vision to the silver screen.
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