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Efforts will be made to end the agitation in a meeting with farmers on January 4

The next 48 hours are crucial for the farmer movement. The government will now take several options to end the agitation. India’s government will try its best to end the agitation in a meeting of farmers on 4 January as it is worried about prolonging the movement and spreading to other states. The government is considering may have the option of giving states the right to choose the law.

On the other hand, the middle way that farmers organizations can give is to postpone the law for at least one year. The government will go to the farmers on the 4th with two new amendments and it claims that the farmers should accept it.

The government will meet today and tomorrow to decide the new amendments and tell the farmers how the bill will be changed. As far as the law is concerned. If there is a demand for postponement, then the government believes that this is a very complicated process and this will increase confusion. According to sources, the farmers had told the government that even if the law is not repealed, if it is proposed to postpone the committee for a year, then it can be considered.

This proposal was made by the farmer’s organizations on the proposal of the committee on behalf of the government. The Supreme Court has also asked the government whether it can consider the option of postponing farmers’ law until there is no agreement with the farmers.

Till now the government has been attacking the issue of the farmer movement. The PM has made it clear that the government or the party is not in a mood to bow down to the Farmers Reform Act. He indicated several times. That he is willing to talk but will not allow the law to be rejected directly.

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