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Haryana Govt. is now more stronger in strength

The government which came into defensive mode due to the attack of opposition among the peasant movement has now become stronger according to the strength of the assembly. With the end of membership of two opposition MLAs in four days, the majority figure in the Assembly has now increased to 45 instead of 46. In such a situation, there is no threat to the government if the no-confidence motion is brought by the Congress in the budget session. The government already has strong numbers. But somewhere along with Abhay Chautala, the government was in a dilemma about the majority figure in the Legislative Assembly, with some independents and JJP MLAs constantly speaking out on agricultural laws. The luncheon held by Chief Minister Manohar Lal with Cabinet Minister and Independent MLA Ranjit Singh Chautala and some other Independent MLAs and a meeting with JJP MLAs by Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala in Delhi were also linked in the politics. But now the government has become stronger in the assembly in the number game due to the opposition’s two votes being reduced. There are now 88 MLAs in the 90-member assembly. Therefore, the government needs only 45 votes to get a majority.

The BJP became the largest party in the 2019 assembly elections with 40 seats. Seven independents announced their support. Immediately, the JJP formed an alliance with 10 MLAs and formed the BJP-JJP government. Accordingly, the BJP had a tally of 57, while the Congress stood at 31 and the INLD and Halopa one each. But in the case of former Minister Manish Grover, first Independent MLA Balraj Kundu withdrew support from the government. After this, Somveer Sangwan left the government in protest against the agricultural laws. When some independent MLAs held a secret meeting with Sangwan, there was a stir in the government, because earlier JJP MLAs Jogiram Sihag and Ramkaran had openly opposed the black agricultural laws, while the JJP MLA had completely rebelled against the deputy CM. Ramkumar Gautham also stood in the category of other MLAs.

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