If you want to avoid heart disease, eat green leafy vegetables every day

If you want to avoid heart disease, then turn to green leafy vegetables from now. This will not only keep good health but can also prevent the risk of this disease. A similar study has been suggested in a new study. It claims that by consuming just one cup of nitrate-rich vegetables daily, the risk of heart disease can be reduced to a great extent. Around one crore 80 lakh people die every year due to heart disease in the world.

Researchers at Australia’s Edith Cowan University have concluded this based on a study. On this point in the study It was noted that people who regularly consume green leafy and beetroot-rich vegetables such as beetroot have blood pressure problems. These people were also tested to see if there was less risk of heart disease in them. Researchers have concluded this based on a study conducted in Denmark for over 23,000 people for nearly 23 years. The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Catherine Bondno, said, “Our results suggest that such easy dieting can help people reduce their risk of heart disease to a great extent.” Consuming one cup of raw or half cup of ripe nitrate-rich vegetables everyday can benefit

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