Imran Khan granted bail in Toshakhan case, will remain in jail in Cypher case
Posted by Suman Sourav
Sep-04-2023 10:09:PM
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The Islamabad High Court has granted a significant relief to Imran Khan, whose three-year sentence in the Toshakhana case has been suspended. However, despite this development, Imran Khan will have to remain in Attock Jail for the time being. Simultaneously, the special court handling the cipher case associated with the Official Secrets Act has directed that Imran be kept in judicial custody at Attock Jail and be produced in court on Wednesday.
This decision by the Islamabad High Court provides temporary respite to Imran by suspending his sentence in the Toshakhana case. The Toshakhana case pertains to the alleged illegal receipt of luxury vehicles and gifts during his tenure as Prime Minister of Pakistan. With the suspension of his sentence, Imran will not have to serve the three-year imprisonment at this time.
However, it is important to note that Imran will remain in Attock Jail for the time being, as per the court's order. Attock Jail is a high-security prison located in Attock, Pakistan. The reasons for his continued detention in Attock Jail have not been explicitly mentioned in the information provided. It is likely that further legal proceedings or administrative requirements necessitate his presence in the jail.
Additionally, the special court overseeing the cipher case related to the Official Secrets Act has instructed that Imran be kept in judicial custody at Attock Jail and be presented in court on Wednesday. The cipher case involves charges under the Official Secrets Act, which deals with the protection of classified information and national security. Imran's custody in Attock Jail and his appearance in court on Wednesday indicate that the legal proceedings in this case are ongoing.
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