Israel strikes again in Gaza Strip

Israel launched an airstrike against the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip in the early hours. One Palestine was killed and several were injured in it. Despite US pressure, Israel’s campaign against Hamas continues. Hamas has also fired thousands of rockets on Israel in this conflict since May 10.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing pressure from countries close to him, including the US, to end the campaign against Hamas. But he is determined to do maximum harm to this terrorist organization. He has made it clear that the campaign will continue till the target is achieved. The Israeli military said the houses of three Hamas commanders were targeted in Khan Younis and Rafah areas of Gaza. Apart from this, an arms stock along with a military structure was also targeted. A two-story building in Khan Younis was demolished. A person living in the area said that 11 people sleeping outside this building were injured. They were sleeping out of fear of attack. Apart from this, one woman was killed and three others were injured in another house attack.

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