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It is mandatory to wear mask alone in a car

The Delhi High Court made important remarks while hearing the petitions against the challan being deducted for not applying the mask. A bench of Justice Pratiba M Singh said that there are many occasions when there is a risk of getting infected from outside even while being alone in a car. Therefore it cannot be said that if the person is traveling alone in a car then the car is not a public place. One can get infected by the virus while going alone in a car. Therefore, it is mandatory to apply masks even when alone in the car.

Advocates Saurabh Sharma, Aditya Kaushik, Deepak Aggarwal and Sudesh Kumar had filed petitions in this regard. It claimed that he was fined five hundred rupees for not wearing a mask even after being alone in his private car. Therefore, not only the amount of the challan should be returned, but compensation of ten lakh rupees should also be given for mental harassment. The bench refused to interfere in the Delhi government’s decision to apply masks even if it was alone in the car and dismissed the petitions. The bench explained the public place and said that it should not be said, If the person is traveling alone in a car then the car is not a public place. It is possible that he had gone to the market, office, hospital before sitting in the car. During this time, the driver may become infected or infected if the mask is not worn.

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