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It was written three years ago that black fungus will become an epidemic

Mucormycosis (black fungus) disease, which emerged as an epidemic in the second wave of corona infection, is not new. In the fourth edition of his book Test Book of Medical Mycology, Dr. Jagdish Chandra, Chairman of the Department of Microbiology, Chandigarh Government Medical College, made a big announcement regarding Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) regarding the disease.

He wrote that in the coming years this disease will become like an epidemic. Although the reason for this was told to diabetes. A separate chapter has been given in this book published in 2018. in which

Explain what is disease, why it occurs and what is the treatment. According to the book, this disease can affect not only the nose, ears, eyes and brain, but also other parts of the body.

The only treatments available for treatment are amphotericin B, paconazole and isbuconazole. In this only five milligram dose of amphotericin-B should be given. The patient has been asked to provide immediate treatment, otherwise it has also been told the cause of death.

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