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Modi said – farmers behind the country’s progress, their role in Chauri-Chaura struggle

100 years are being completed in 2022 for the incident at ‘Chauri-Chaura’ near Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh during the freedom struggle. On this occasion, the ‘Centenary Celebration’, which is going on throughout the year, was started online by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. He mentioned farmers during this time and said, ‘The farmers are behind the country’s progress. He also played an important role in the Chauri-Chaura struggle.

The Prime Minister said, ‘What happened in Chauri-Chaura was not just an incident of setting fire to a police station. Unfortunately, the Chauri-Chaura martyrs did not get as much discussion as they should have. As the nation celebrates the 75th anniversary of independence, it becomes more relevant. The country should never forget the incident of Chaura-Chauri. Prime Minister Modi also released a special postage stamp on the occasion.

The Prime Minister said, ‘Before the budget people were saying that the government will have to burden the people because of the Corona crisis. The tax would have to be increased, but the government did not do so. The government has decided to spend more to move the country forward. This will provide employment to the youth. He said, ‘In six years we have taken many steps to make farmers self-reliant. This is the reason that the agricultural sector also saw growth during Corona.

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