Multivitamins can reduce the risk of corona

Taking multivitamin, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics or vitamin D supplements may reduce the risk of corona virus infection. One study claimed that intake of these could at least reduce the risk of corona disease in women

According to the study published in BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health Journal, intake of vitamin C, zinc or garlic supplements is not associated with reducing the risk of corona. The study also included researchers from King’s College, London, UK. Researchers used information from adult users of the Corona Symptom Study app to try to analyze whether those taking frequent supplements had a lower risk of getting infected. The app was launched in the UK, US and Sweden in March 2020 and it has all the serial information related to the epidemic so far.

The study analyzed information from 3,72,720 people using the app in the UK. These people took frequent supplements in May, June and July 2020 during the first wave of infection and their swab test reports have also been included during the analysis.

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