PUBG Mobile and BGMI: Simple Steps to get X-Suit for free in the games
Posted by Suman Sourav
Jul-07-2023 10:07:AM
Category: Gaming News

If you're looking to get the X-Suit for free in BGMI or PUBG Mobile, there's a trick that you can try with the help of a teammate who already has the outfit. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Open your inventory and go to the portable closet. Select at least two complete outfits (not just a t-shirt and pants separately).
Step 2: Start a classic match and drop one of your outfits on the ground. Ask your teammate to do the same.
Step 3: Wear the second outfit that you selected from your portable closet and then drop it on the ground.
Step 4: Ask your teammate to put on his X-Suit and then drop it on the ground. Now, there should be four outfits on the ground.
Step 5: Rapidly change between the outfits on the ground, and you should automatically receive the X-Suit.
It's important to note that this trick may not work for everyone, and it's not an official method of obtaining the X-Suit. Additionally, using glitches or exploits in the game can be against the terms of service and may result in consequences such as a ban. Play fair and have fun!
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