Risk of heart disease and stroke due to long hours of work

A new study has been done regarding the loss of healthy and hours of work. It claims that working 55 hours or more a week may be related to the risk of heart disease and stroke. The risk of death from stroke may be 35 per cent higher in those who work for more than 55 hours in comparison to those who work for 35 to 40 hours a week. While there is a 17 percent higher risk of death due to heart disease. This is evident from the study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization. As a result of working 55 hours a week, three lakh 98 thousand people died of stroke in 2016. While three lakh 47 thousand died due to heart disease.

The study was published in the journal Environment International. This analysis of the study comes at a time when the mode of functioning has changed in the era of Corona epidemic. Working hours have increased in this period. WHO director Tedros Adnom Gheberesus said, ‘The Corona epidemic has seen a significant change in the way many people work. Work from home has become the norm in many industries. This has blurred the boundaries between home and work. Many businesses are also taking various measures to reduce expenses. This is prolonging the work time. Stroke or not having a job. The risk of heart disease is increasing. ‘ According to the study, more men are coming in the grip of a work related disease.

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