Spirit Airlines bans TikTok star for sharing hand luggage ‘hack’ to avoid paying bag fees

Spirit Airlines has banned the famous TikTok user ‘RobKAllDay’ from travelling in their airlines for posting a video on his social media channel that showed how to get free baggage while travelling. According to the airlines, the so-called ‘hack’ shared by Rob K. is fraudulent as it involves manipulating the boarding pass issued by the airlines.

Rob K. shares a travelling hack on TikTok.

TikTok user RobKAllDay recently shared a video on his social media channel showcasing how to get away with a free suitcase while travelling with Spirit Airlines. The US airline does not allow passengers a free bag in the cabin, and they have to pay for it. Thus, the passengers must travel with carry on luggage to accommodate their belongings and this at times causes a lot of trouble to passengers.  

Rob K. supposedly came up with a solution to this issue, and he uploaded a video in September explaining his solution. In the video, he is seen manipulating what seems to be the “carry-on bag” section of his digital boarding pass. The actual pass mentions the number, “0” in the carry-on bag section. Rob K. then changes it to “1”. Interestingly, he made it clear in the caption that he ‘didn’t actually’ go through with the scheme, although he gave a demonstration of it to his 180,000-plus followers.

Spirit Airlines bans Rob K. for manipulating the boarding pass.

Rob K. later asserted that Spirit Airlines sent him a letter. The letter confirms that the carrier has banned him from flying for at least two years. He has shared the letter in his latest TikTok video. The letter says, “As you know you created a video on the social media platform ‘TikTok’ showing users how to manipulate a Spirit Airlines boarding pass and fraudulently indicate they paid for a carry-on bag to the financial detriment of Spirit Airlines.”

The letter also goes on to say that as evidenced in the video’s comments, Rob K., has also advised users specifically on what cell phone application they should download to carry out the scam.

For his alleged infractions, Spirit Airlines has taken severe actions against the TikTok user. The airlines has banned Rob K. from flying with the airline and has also banned him from entering any of “Spirit’s facilities.” The US airlines has promised that they will call law enforcement if Rob K. tries to trespass.

The letter further mentions that in case Rob K. buys or attempts to buy a Spirit Airlines ticket, they will cancel it and he will not get any refund as well.

As per Rob K’s video, the carrier does mention a way to end the ban. The letter says that he would be able to request Spirit reconsider the ban in two years, and only after promising in writing that he would give ‘unequivocal assurances that he will conduct himself appropriately.’

It seems the action from the airlines has not affected Rob K. He called the airline a ‘Bunch of babies.’ When a news portal contacted Spirit Airlines for comment, the airlines didn’t give any opinion.

Not the first hack video on TikTok

This is not the first time a user has uploaded a hacking video on TikTok which involves fraudulence or revealing inside information. Recently another TikTok user, who works as a flight attendant, shared top hotel and safety hacks on the social media site. In another incident, a travel blogger shared a secret room at her hotel on TikTok, which can be accessed through the bookcase, to reveal a massive library.

One woman received praise on TikTok for her reaction when a baby hit her on the arm during a flight – only for the passenger to find it hilarious.

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