State students who do not take the board exams of the twelfth will harm the students

Although the states standing in favor of not taking the board exams for the twelfth may see some benefit from this decision, in the future this decision may lead to many challenges for children.

Particularly, there may be a problem in the admission of reputed four educational institutions and central universities operated with central assistance. Where they can be judged less than the students who took the exam. A similar problem can arise in the admission of foreign institutions. Not only this, with the decision of the states, these students will always be imprisoned for passing the exam without being given which will continue to challenge in future also. This is the reason why a Central Board like CBSE stands firmly in favor of conducting the examination. In the Corona crisis last year, a similar challenge was raised about the examinations, then the matter also reached the Supreme Court. Even then, the central government had said that the safety of students is their first priority

But the examination is also important because the whole future of the children is connected with this. Later, after the situation became normal, the examination was conducted keeping all the safety parameters in mind. This time also the attitude of the center is the same. is. At present, all states will be advised to undergo an examination with security management. Now it is up to them to implement it or not to do it. At the moment nothing will be imposed on anyone. It is of course that in some states, if children pass without exams, then it will be difficult to bring uniformity among everyone in entrance examinations, etc. Especially universities in which the marks of XII are also made the basis for admission. Along with this, if passed without examination, these students may face problems in admission to foreign institutions as well.

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