Takeaways from Doug Jones win over Roy Moore in Alabama
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Sep-27-2022 05:09:PM
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Remainder of 2017: Not much
The dream was a Doug Jones victory could operate the way Scott Brown winning in Massachusetts back in January 2010. Even though Brown wasn’t seated for 16 days, Senator Harry Reid, then Majority Leader, expressed the belief that voting on any major legislation without Brown wouldn’t reflect the will of the American people.

As for Mitch McConnell? Well, he holds a different view, in case you hadn’t noticed from the way he tried to get Obamacare repeal through under cover of darkness, then did the same with the current tax bill headed to conference.

2018 legislative year: Quite a bit!
Once Jones is seated — and even magical Mitch McConnell, who managed to hold a Supreme Court seat open for a year, probably can’t keep Jones out once Alabama certifies the election — the Republicans face an even more difficult path to passing any legislation.

This is reflected in both the numbers themselves — Democrats need to peel off just two Republicans now to block any legislation that can be forced through under reconciliation — and a changing political landscape that previously safe-seeming Republicans have to grapple with. Getting things like the Medicare cuts McConnell and Paul Ryan want to pay for their huge tax cut for the wealthy won’t be easy, and just got much harder.

2018 Elections: Massive
There’s this number out of last night’s exits, one that has nothing to do with Roy Moore or the many credible allegations against him or the numerous things he said and believes that should have disqualified him from holding public office:
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