The new test can detect Corona in just seconds

Researchers have found great success in speeding up the investigation process of Corona Virus (Covid-19). He has developed a new portable Covid-19 test, which can detect this deadly virus in just seconds. Researchers have actually developed a new sensor system. With this help, the SARS-Cove-2 virus that causes corona can be identified in just a second. This has been described as the fastest method of investigation compared to existing methods. According to the researchers, this sensor is similar to the size of the glucose test strip present in the market. This sensor is accompanied by a small sized microfluidic channel. Ghi Jian, a researcher at the University of Florida, USA, said, ‘There are some electrodes inside the microfluidic channel.

One of them has a gold coating. In a liquid sample, the corona-related antibody sticks to the gold surface by a chemical method. In this way the time taken in the investigation can be reduced to a great extent. This sensor system method has been published in the journal Vacuum Science and Technology B. According to the researchers, this method of investigation can be economical. This technique can also be used in other investigations beyond the corona. Jian said, “Through this system, other diseases can also be identified through this system.”

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