Train crash in Taiwan, 50 dead

A train accident in Taiwan killed 50 people and injured 146. The accident occurred after the train overturned after hitting the truck in a tunnel. There were five hundred people on the train and most of the passengers were going on long holidays. The accident occurred at the K Dakingsui Tunnel in Hualien County. This is the worst train accident in Taiwan in the last four decades.

Relief operations started immediately after the accident. There was a four-day holiday at the Qingming Festival in Taiwan. Family members remember their elders at this festival. It was the first day of the holiday. According to the railway, the train was going from Taroko to Shulin. On the way, a big truck suddenly came in front of the train in the tunnel and the train derailed as soon as the collision occurred. Work was going on here and the workmen parked the truck on the handbrake slope. This truck crashed into the train. After the incident, 50 bodies have been taken out in relief work. Serious injured have been admitted to the hospital. Taiwan’s President Sai Ing-Wen has expressed condolences to those who died in the incident. He also took stock of relief work.

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