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Transfer policy of teachers will change in Haryana

Teachers in Haryana will now be able to get transfers with mutual consent. The government has prepared for a change in the transfer policy. Under the new policy, mutual transfer of teachers will be possible. Education Minister Kanwarpal Gurjar has issued instructions to departmental officers to prepare drafts for this scheme. Prior to this, a meeting will also be held with top officials of the Education Department so that a formula can be drawn for mutual transfer. If this scheme rises, then not only JBT (Junior Basic Teacher) teachers, TGT, and PGT teachers will also get benefits.

Haryana is the first state in the country to implement an online transfer policy. Punjab and Uttar Pradesh have also implemented this policy of Haryana. Despite this, there are a large number of JBT teachers who are in their home districts or adjoining districts. 70 percent of the teachers selected in the JBT recruitment held in August 2014 during the previous Hooda government are away from their home districts.

At present, in Haryana, the number of JBT is about 30 thousand, TGT 36 thousand and PGT teachers are about 20 thousand. JBT is responsible for teaching students from 1st to 5th, TGT from 6th to 8th and PGT teachers from 9th to 12th. Online transfers of TGT and PGT take place from one district to another but JBT is allowed to join the online transfer process in a school in a block of the same district.

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