Latest News on The Umbrella Academy Season 3

The Umbrella Academy third season

With the recent news of the third season of The Umbrella Academy that is coming, we are discovering more about what the fantastic adaptation to the comics of the famous work of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá will bring us .

Following the end of the second season of The Umbrella Academy , we know that our group of superheroes manages to escape from Dallas and 1960, and return to what is supposed to be “home.”

When everything believed to have returned to normal, they discover that a great turn in events will mean a great setback in the series and in their lives.

Well, upon entering their academy, not only do they discover that their father Reginald Hargreeves is still alive, but that a new group has taken his place at the changed academy called The Sparrow Academy .

As fans of this comic will know, The Sparrow Academy , apart from being the title of the next fourth volume, was presented at the end of volume 3: Hotel Oblivion , with its own ” number one “.

Starting with the comics, we have a preview of what the powers of The Sparrow Academy group will entail : Where number one, like Luther Hargreeves , has a similar superpower.

Among the other members, one who is capable of transforming into crows, another with the powers of being a human Voodoo doll , and a floating green cube and… sensitive ?, as we can also see in the television series.

As the title of the third season says Meet The Family , the first episode will be intended for fans to know the personal and group history of this new group from The Sparrow Academy .

Steve Blackman ComicBook Interview About The Umbrella Academy

The English-speaking news page of this world known as ComicBook , gave birth to an exclusive interview with Steve Blackman , the person in charge of bringing this adaptation series to television. In which talking about this program, he said:

It is not our goal to ever outperform the comics as we now navigate being in Game of Thrones territory – Blackman

Blackman also said:

First of all, I am very close to Gerard and Gabriel, so I launch the season to them before I do it, letting them know what I am doing.

They’re very nice and they’re throwing me where the next volumes are going, and you know, the two mediums are intersecting now, sometimes they’re looking at something I do and they say, well, we should put that in the graphic novel, and they say, well why don’t you do this on the show.

We accept that they are different things, but we love it when we find those crosses.

But I have a good idea of ​​where they are going, I have an idea of ​​where I want to go, and we are working together to get to that happy place.

But I don’t want to get ahead of them. I love what they do. So I hope if it ends, it never will.

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