Vaccine for children will come by October: Serum

PC Nambiar, EXIM Director of Serum Institute, a Pune-based company that is developing the Covishield vaccine, has said that it is quite likely that the vaccine for children under the Covid-19 vaccine will be prepared. Its first dose can be given to children in the first month of birth. In a program in Kochi, he said that this vaccine will be developed later as a medicine. It will be effective in treatment if children are found to be corona positive. Nambiar said the serum is making four more vaccines, which will be ready for use by the end of this year. Novavax will be available by June, with tests running rapidly. Clinical trials of the second phase of COVI-VAC being developed in conjunction with Codagenix have been completed.

Nambiar said that people have to take care of masks and sanitation even after the vaccine dose is completed. The second dose is to be taken after 28 days. Antibody formation will be completed 21 days after taking the second dose. Until then, the vaccine will not be enough to prevent corona infection. Even after both doses, the coronavirus vaccine may be the carrier.

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