Watch the skills of Eagle to catch Mountain goat, viral video
Posted by Suman Sourav
Jul-31-2022 03:07:PM
Category: Lifestyle

A video of an eagle is going viral on social media, in which the eagle is seen hunting the mountain goat. You have probably never seen such skills of the eagle using such a technique to hunt goat, in which it is difficult to survive. It can be seen in this video that Eagle Mountain sees the Goat and attacks it fiercely to make it its prey. As soon as the eagle reaches near the Goat, it pulls it with its beak and drops it down the mountain. Due to the high height of the mountain, the Goat collides with the stones and falls very low, and ends there.

This video of 2 minutes 3 seconds has been shared on 'IVM Sky Animals' YouTube channel and the netizens are giving different reactions after watching this video. This video has been viewed 15,195,808 times so far. One user wrote "Me before watching the video: "How is a 20 lbs bird going to carry a 100 lbs goat back to it's nest" me at 1:35 "Okay, it totally didn't need to carry that goat back to the nest." While this user wrote a funny comment, "The eagle wanted to test to see if the goat could fly.

Eagles hunting Mountain goat

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