Wife gave permission to stay with husband by taking assets worth 1.25 crore from husband’s girlfriend

‘Judaai’ was a film made about a complicated relationship. In this, the wife had handed over the husband to the girlfriend with one crore rupees and got her married by divorce. A similar case has come up in the family court of Bhopal. In this too, the wife has allowed her husband to live with her by taking property worth about Rs 1.25 crore from his elder girlfriend. An agreement has also been reached in this regard.

The girlfriend has given a duplex worth Rs 60 lakh, Rs 27 lakh in cash, and a plot lover’s wife. Interestingly, the couple’s minor daughter had approached Kuntub Court Counselor Sarita Rajani for a reconciliation between her parents.

According to the counselor, the girlfriend is 54 years old and was having a love affair with her colleague 42 years old male for eight years. The woman’s husband has died. The lover is also married and has two daughters aged 16 and 12.

When the woman insisted the lover stay in her house, the dispute between the couple started and grew. On the initiative of the couple’s daughter, the counselor counseled the couple and girlfriend in several stages. The girlfriend later agreed to give her life-long capital to the lover’s wife.

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