Will there a dark Season 4?

The popular Netflix original thriller Dark as per speculations is set to make a comeback with season 4. The complex and dense time-traveling show explored the ramifications of time paradoxes uniquely. The storyline involved several families in the German town of Winden. The family and relationship drama was an amalgamation of an epic battle between light and shadow. The intrigued story received much acclaim from the critics and fans for its plot. Post the release of season 3; the fans are keen to find out about the future season 3.

Dark released the first season in 2017, and post-release became a sleeper hit for Netflix in a short period. With its mysteries and plot, the German show grabbed viewers around the world and was quickly renewed for a second season.  Two years later the season 2 was released, which expanded to the world of Winden offering new timelines and an even more twisted family tree of characters. Dark season 2 ended with a mind-blowing twist that promised an entirely new world of mysteries. The new season 3 dug deeper into the paradoxes Jonas faced, and the storyline also expanded into a parallel universe. Dark season 3 was considered to be the last season of the show. The final episode had answered most of the show’s central mysteries. 

Season 3 was considered the finale when Winden appeared on the screen for the last time.  However, the previous season offered the fans eight hours of pure dark storytelling with plenty of twists, brain-breaking time travel theories, and heartbreaking revelations. The show maintained the level of quality of and thematic synthesis Dark. Back when season 3 was announced, the created Baran Bo Odar had confirmed that it would be the last season. Netflix respecting the creator’s vision to put an end to the never-ending cycle of time travel paradoxes had called it a wrap with the release of season 3.Dark had explored three seasons with the storyline explain what time paradoxes are. The consequences it has on four families stuck in a time loop are. Speculations are that Dark might make a new loop or parallel world, perhaps in another dimension, in another timeline and return with a net turnover of events. If the speculations are to be believed, then the new season would provide a new angle to explore and even might bring the same characters to a new universe. All we can hope is the makers of the show take into account the fans’ request and deliver another intriguing season of the sci-fi thriller Dark.

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