A brave woman walks in Jungle with a group of lionesses in viral video
Posted by Suman Sourav
Jun-29-2022 03:06:PM
Category: Gaming News

Have you ever seen a woman walking alone without any fear amid a group of lionesses? Today we have brought for you a video of such a fearless woman who is fearlessly walking in the middle of the group of Lions in the jungle. Seeing this video, social media users are getting shocked and every user is asking about the identity of this brave woman. This video has been shared on Instagram on "safarigallery" which has got more than 30,0000 likes so far.

In the video that went viral, a fearless group of women can be seen walking alone among the lionesses and as the video goes along, the woman can be seen walking behind the lionesses and even holding the tail of a lion. The caption of the video shared on Instagram reads ""Do one thing every now & then that scares the life out of you. Would you try this?. As per the media reports, the woman is not a resident of any villages situated near the jungle or a wildlife enthusiast. According to woman Instagram bio she is identified as Skye, and also a luxury traveller.

Brave woman walks in Jungle with a group of lionesses

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