Duck plays HIDE and SEEK with Tiger in Water will makes you smile, Predict winner
Posted by Updatefever Team
Jan-20-2022 12:01:AM
Category: Lifestyle

This video is of a tiger and a duck, in which the tiger tries to hunt a duck swimming in water, but the duck also learns that the tiger is trying to catch him, after which he starts playing the game of hide and seek with tiger . In the video you can see how the tiger slowly tries to approach the duck so that it does not know, but the duck comes to know about it and dives into the water before it comes to the tiger and goes to another place and comes out of the water. 

Duck does this many times. Whenever the tiger is about to approach him, the duck immediately takes a dip in the water. This video that went viral is of a zoo, in which a tiger comes inside after seeing a duck in the water. This viral video has been posted on a Twitter channel named "Anand Mahindra". Users have also made very funny comments on this video shared on Twitter.

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