Shocking video of a Girl jumping rope on a wooden platform, suddenly the Floor Broke and see what happens
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Jan-20-2022 05:01:PM
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A shocking video of a woman from Thailand is becoming fiercely viral on social media. While doing exercise with this woman, something happened that you will be surprised to see. A 44-year-old woman from Thailand, Benjarat Puttakhun, was making a video using a jump rope at the port in Ratchaburi province but about a minute in, a section of decking suddenly collapsed under the weight of her bouncing and she dropped through the 2ft wide hole. Doing exercise Ms. Benjarat was also making his own video in which this incident was also filmed.

As soon as Ms. Benjarat fell down, she grasped the platform and started calling for help.  After hearing her voice, some local people passing by came for help and pulled out from the hole. She has suffered minor injuries after the fall and the port owner has recovered money for the damage to the platform. This incident also taught us that we have to be very careful of our surroundings and be aware of where we do the exercise especially outdoors where we have limited control of the environment. Ms. Benjarat Puttakhun also said in his statement that "I only weigh 50kg so I was shocked when I felt the floor break. I did not know the floor was so thin. I want this to be an example for other people doing jump rope workouts."

Jump-Roping Woman Falls Through Dock

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